About us

Ledman’s Vision

The world becomes more beautiful because of Ledman!

Ledman’s Mission

Ledman is committed to create core value for our customers and promote the industry technology and become a premium brand of China

Ledman’s Values

Learning, Independence, thinking, cooperation, mutual help;
Heading-on all challenges and getting well grounded;
Outstand by skills, quality and services;

Ledman’s Management Style

Modern management philosophy, Efficient organization structure Professional management team, SMART management objectives

Ledman’s Corporate mindset

Rooted in China with international view Glow from China and light up the world!

Ledman’s Talents

Create value for society, create profits for company, create happiness for families and create improvement for ourselves

Ledman’s Spirit

Integrity, Diligence, Teamwork, Innovation

Ledman Football

Speed, passion, sunshine, dreams and transcendence.

Exciting Activites

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