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Ledman Radio and TV COB UHD Display Blooms in Xianyang Radio and TV Station's All-Media Studio

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  As radio and TV broadcasting technology develops rapidly, an increasing number of TV stations and production units use LED large-screen technology for program production and broadcast, so as to meet various broadcast requirements of broadcast and TV systems.

  In recent years, the rapid development of digital technology has been accompanied by the continuous upgrade of TV studios to meet the escalating communication demand.

  Ledman customized a radio and TV COB display solution for the all-media studio of Xianyang Radio and TV Station in Shaanxi Province, creating a fashionable and technological modern studio environment.


  As one of the mainstream media in Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, Xianyang Radio and TV Station is the most important public opinion and news agency that provides diverse functions such as news broadcasting, social science and entertainment, and information publicity. The Station is an important channel for people to obtain information and for the world to understand Xianyang. The upgraded all-media studio creates a number of "first":

The first single studio with the largest area in Xianyang City

The first studio with comprehensive all-media functions

The first studio with a professional 4K ultra HD system

The first studio with live interactive scenarios

The first studio with the "main column + supporting columns" combined space

The first large-scale studio with the largest investment and professional decoration

The first studio that conducts live all-media broadcast without using an outdoor line or machine


  This project is composed of Ledman COB ultra HD display modules, with an area of about 30 square meters (7.3 m x 4.1 m). The screen features surround display and seamless integration. The 4K image quality presents a delicate display effect. As the broadcast background, the project supports multi-signal synchronization and diverse interactions, which blends the host, guests and ultra HD LED display perfectly, enriches the program level, and creates a lively atmosphere.

  In addition, Ledman COB ultra HD display features a wide viewing angle, high grayscale when low brightness, high contrast, uniform color, and high definition. Waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-collision, anti-splash, and anti-mold ultra-high protection minimizes maintenance costs.

  HD LED displays have gradually replaced traditional displays, which is a major trend in the upgrade of radio displays. As the world's leading ultra HD display company, Ledman will continue to strictly control quality and deepen innovation, creating a display benchmark in radio, TV, and other fields.

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