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[The Boss] Chairman of Ledman Mr. Martin Lee: To Start a New Journey of UHD LED Display

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  On November 5, Shenzhen authorities held a press conference for the 30km2 industrial land global promotion plan in the News Conference Hall, Shenzhen Civic Center. It was said at the conference that Shenzhen has chosen five emerging frontier fields that are to outbreak and have certain industrial foundation  on the basis of previous policies for the 30km2 industrial land, including biomedicine, integrated circuits, 5G mobile communications, and 8K UHD video, and has introduced several policies and measures. Before this, Shenzhen's three clusters including the new display device industry cluster have been included in the national strategic emerging industry cluster development project.

  Shenzhen issues industrial policies with great attention to the development of the "5G + 8K" related industries

  In terms of the occurrence frequency of keywords, "5G" appeared 45 times and "8K" appeared 14 times at this press conference, which were respectively the first and second most frequently used industry-related words, indicating that Shenzhen’s attention to "5G + 8K" has risen up to an unprecedented degree.

  The Action Plan of Shenzhen for the Development of the 8K UHD Video Industry (2019-2022) released recently by Shenzhen also fully confirms the high importance attached by Shenzhen to the "5G + 8K" related industries.  According to this plan, Shenzhen will focus on supporting infrastructure construction of the 8K industries, strive to break through the network transmission load bottleneck, form high-level innovative 8K carriers, carry out a number of key technical breakthrough programs, implement a group of major industrialization projects, drive the overall improvement of the 8K industry chain, and accelerate the development of industrial clusters. At the same time, Shenzhen will promote the organic integration of 8K with AI and 5G, carry out typical application demonstration of 8K + industrial manufacturing + medical health + intelligent transportation, and  drive new formats, models and applications such as industrial visualization, automatic driving and medical image detection. In addition, Shenzhen will strive to reach 80 billion yuan in the scale of the core 8K industries by 2022, drive the scale of relevant industries to 400 billion yuan, and build a globally influential source of 8K technology innovation, an 8K industry development highland and an AI + 5G + 8K application pilot area.

  At the 2019 Shenzhen International Conference on 8K UHD Video Industry Development held on November 15, deputy mayor of Shenzhen Ai Xuefeng expressed high expectations for the development of Shenzhen’s 8K industries. He said that the 8K UHD video industry, as an important frontier of the new generation of information industry, will drive the profound transformation of the whole trillion-level video industry chain, especially, the deep integration of 8K with 5G and AI will become a new engine leading the economic and social transformation. As a highland of global electronic information industry, Shenzhen has gathered a large number of leading enterprises and high-level innovation carriers in the field of UHD video, thus having unique advantages in taking the lead in deploying 8K industry nationwide. Shenzhen will seize the strategic opportunity of 8K industry development to build a pilot demonstration zone of 8K industry development.

  Ledman’s 8K technology leads the industry and is expected to benefit from the "5G + 8K" support policies

  It is generally believed in the industry that 8K UHD display is the core link of the industry chains related to "5G + 8K". Without high-performance 8K UHD display as a presentation carrier, "5G + 8K" would be out of the question. Therefore, it is expected that the new-generation 8K UHD display field will become the priority among priorities of policy support.

  In the field of 8K UHD display, the A-share listed company Ledman (300162.SZ) is undoubtedly a leading local enterprise in Shenzhen. Ledman is one of the first companies in the world to master Micro LED UHD display technology based on COB technology, and is also the only A-share listed Micro LED company with the mass-production based on COB technology. According to the public information, following the first release of Micro LED UHD display panel based on COB technology in March 2018, Ledman launched a 324” 8K Micro LED display based on COB technology in July this year. It has attracted the attention of the industry for its extremely high definition, perfect color and excellent protective performance. At present, Ledman’s Micro LED displays based on COB technology are sold well in the markets of many countries and regions around the world.

  Even on a global scale, Ledman’s COB display technology is at the forefront. It is known that the mass-produced LED products based on COB technology of Ledman are at the same starting line as the similar products of Sony's Crystal LED and Samsung's The Wall. They are all COB Extremely dense pixeltechnologies of large-sized UHD LED leading the world.

  As a pioneer of the 8K UHD display industry, Ledman has also put forward the concept of 8K ecology. Through the organic combination of 8K and 5G, Ledman has unlocked a series of application scenarios such as security, education, telemedicine and smart court. Meanwhile, Ledman will open 8K cooperation channels, provide customers with full ecological cooperation solutions, and create cooperation opportunities of 8K hardware + 8K content + 5G transmission + cloud space + intelligent software. Ledman expressed that its UHD display technology will be more deeply involved in industry, entertainment, sports, social finance and other fields in the future to help accelerate the development of Shenzhen’s "5G + 8K" industry.

  Insiders anticipate that Shenzhen will soon stage a series of policies to support the development of "5G + 8K". This will greatly benefit related local companies such as Ledman or enterprises to settle in relevant industrial parks, which means that these enterprises may get more support in land, tax, financial subsidies, financing and other aspects and have better development opportunities.

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