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Ledman Invited to Attend the First World Conference on Display Industry and Give a Keynote Speech

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  The First World Conference on Display Industry, co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Anhui Provincial People's Government, was held in Hefei, Anhui Province, from November 22 to 24.

  Centering on the theme of "Display a Good Life", six sub-forums were held at the same time, including Academician Forum, OLED Industry Development Forum, Laser Display Forum, Micro LED Display Forum, Display Material & Equipment Forum, and Flexible AMOLED Innovative Application Forum.

  At the Micro LED Display Forum, representatives of experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from the University of Florida, Kyung Hee University, eMagin, PlayNitride, San’an Optoelectronics, CEA-Leti, Jasper Display Corp., SONY, Ledman, Lumiode, Jade Bird Display(Shanghai), and Beijing Chipone in the field of Micro LED respectively gave a keynote speech.


  Mr. Martin Lee said that Micro LED has better performance in contrast, color gamut, life span, response time, power consumption, visual angle, size and PPI than traditional displays. Now, Micro LED is developing in two directions. Small ones would develop towards wearable consumer electronics products, which require smaller size, higher display accuracy, lower power consumption and higher brightness. Large ones would develop towards large-sized 5G+8K UHD display walls.

  Mr. Martin Lee also expressed that Ledman has been paying attention to the massive transfer technologies emerging in endlessly. At present, the Micro-LED products of Ledman adopt multi-chip transfer technology to improve the transfer efficiency by means of multi-chip, multi-head or rotating multi-head. In terms of basic driving technology, there are PCB substrates and TFT glass substrates. Currently, PCB substrates used in large-sized Micro-LED are relatively mature and controllable.

  Ledman’s Micro LED UHD display products have been put into mass production since last year, which can be used in a variety of application scenarios including high-end conferences, intelligent command centers, monitoring centers, exhibition and display, education and teaching, culture and entertainment, telemedicine, and home theaters, and so on. Mr. Martin Lee said that he is optimistic about the future of Micro-LED technology and believes it will continue to evolve and become the ultimate display technology in the future. 

  The aspect of exhibition and display was also a highlight of the First World Conference on Display Industry, with the new display zone of the conference covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. Ledman’s 324" 8K Micro LED UHD display screen (also the largest UHD display at the conference) was presented at the conference, winning unanimous praise from the present leaders and guests.

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