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Mr. Martin Lee | Light the Vision with Science and Technology, Let the World Appreciate China

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  Video about the interviews with Mr. Martin Lee by the TV programs Guo Jiao Hui Ke Ting and Jiu Ke Xiu

  He was born in Hunan, the hometown of great men. The indomitable Hunan culture has enabled him to be a representative of outstanding scholar businessmen. Regarding energy conservation and environmental protection as his responsibility, he has been working hard in China's leading LED photoelectric field for 15 years; studying in depth science and technology, he has led China's manufacturing to the world; he is devoted to the football industry and social welfare; and he has lit up the prosperity of the world with LED.

  He is Mr. Martin Lee, founder, chairman and president of Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ledman”), the first listed high-tech company of LED display in China.


  “Idle boast the strong pass is a wall of iron, with firm strides we are crossing its summit” is the favorite great man’s verse of Mr. Martin Lee. This is not only because his name is in this poem, but also because the poem implies the courage of “crossing the summit”. Now, Mr. Martin Lee is leading Ledman to constantly develop in the LED industry, aiming to light the vision with science and technology and let the world appreciate China!

Keeping a foothold in technology to start a new undertaking

  The first impression Mr. Martin Lee made is a gentle and elegant scholar businessman, who is logical, agile and low-key, while as a Hunan person, he is also strong-willed and hot, and such a character has urged him to overcome all obstacles and press forward in the way of venture.

  In 1986, Mr. Martin Lee was admitted to the South China University of Technology located in the forefront of reform and opening up with distinction, majoring in Radio Engineering. Science and technology are the primary productive forces. At that time, as an engineering student with the dream of revitalizing China, Mr. Martin Lee desired to become an excellent engineer. After graduating from the university, Mr. Martin Lee stayed in Guangdong, working as a civil servant, project manager, etc. After three years of technical work, in 1993, 25-year-old Mr. Martin Lee seized a historic opportunity - wireless pager BP. He resolutely resigned and started his first business in Huizhou. There is no limit to dreams and startup. Mr. Martin Lee started his business of radio communications, which is exactly what he studied in university. He made his first bucket of gold in life from entrepreneurship and accumulated a lot of entrepreneurial experience and business ideas. He then began to look for new industrial opportunities. He came to Shenzhen, the forefront of China's reform and opening up, and aimed at the newly emerging high-tech LED industry. In 2004, he founded Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., becoming one of the pioneers to enter this new industry in China. From then on, his second venture set sail.


 Ledman Manufacturing Center

   At first, Ledman aimed at international businesses, hoping to promote products made in China to the world, but at that time, it was not easy.

  “At the initial stage of startup, we signed an underwriting agreement with an American company. As our company was small and our early-stage research was inadequate, then we found our partner was a small company of a few people, which had no underwriting ability. A great deal of money we invested was like a clay ox entering the sea, which was a heavy blow on me.”

  Recalling the hardships of entrepreneurship, Mr. Martin Lee filled with emotion. At that time, the founder was the most significant salesman. He personally took the lead in visiting customers and looking for markets... With the spirit of perseverance, he passed through a very difficult period.


Panoramic View of Ledman Huizhou Industrial Park

  15 years have passed quickly. Today, Ledman has developed from a small company of 30 people to a large-scale enterprise of nearly 2,000 employees. However, Mr. Martin Lee has never been separated from the technology forefront. He not only serves as the chairman and president of Ledman but also the CTO. For technology, Mr. Martin Lee has a consistent focus and love; with regard of starting a business, he thinks he is always on the way. “Starting a business may be a lifetime thing for every entrepreneur, because there is a higher mountain to climb.”

Serving our country with science and technology, leading 8K UHD display

  Mr. Martin Lee, born in the 1960s, has experienced our country’s backward at the beginning of reform and opening up in the process of his growing up. The desire and dream of “realizing the four modernizations and rejuvenating the country” has been deeply rooted in the hearts of his generation. As a high-tech enterprise, Ledman has made a lot of efforts in science and technology. In the 15 years since Ledman was established, Mr. Martin Lee has been leading his R&D team to explore and boldly make breakthroughs. So far, they have accumulated a total of nearly 300 patents, participated in the formulation of some national standards, and developed a large number of proprietary technologies, which will support the continuous advance and development of future science and technology in China's LED field. What Mr. Martin Lee is proud of is the COB-based technology that Ledman started to develop five years ago and now is leading the industry, which is supported by a large number of patent technologies. The technology enabled Ledman to be in the same array with foreign Samsung and Sony in 2019. Moreover, Ledman has released 8K 324” UHD LED display products, leading the new future of 8K UHD display.


  Ledman, together with Samsung and Sony, stands at the forefront of the 8K UHD display field, and also stands at the forefront of the cutting-edge technology field with great potential. In the future, UHD display will be widely used in security, military, campus, energy, radio and television and other industries and fields.


  “Now, it can be said that China's LED industry is an industry Chinese people are proud of. At present, China's LED industry chain is the most complete and leading in the world. We are also leading the world in LED display and lighting applications. Many countries are learning from China,” Mr. Martin Lee said proudly. The spectacular light shows and city night scenes during the Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of New China, the G20 Hangzhou Summit and the BRICs Summit in Xiamen all reflect the rapid development of China's LED industry.


  In 2009, Ledman became the only designated domestic LED packaging brand for the oversize display screen at the Tian 'anmen Square in the Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Founding of New China. It stood out from the competition between imported and domestic products and became a responsible national brand, showing the strength and charm of “Chinese wisdom making” to the world. In 2011, after six years of development, Ledman was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, becoming the first listed enterprise in Shenzhen's LED industry and the second GEM listed enterprise in China's LED optoelectronics industry. In the white-hot market competition, Ledman once again took the preemptive opportunity. In 2019, Ledman officially became the “strategic partner of China's space industry”, helping to build China into a space power and leading China's smart manufacturing to the world. 

Bearing responsibility, presenting scholar businessman’s demeanor with great righteousness

  As a socially responsible founder of a listed company, Mr. Martin Lee has been paying attention to shaping and transmitting positive corporate culture. On the one hand, he leads Ledman to actively create material wealth for the society and the enterprise; on the other hand, he sets an example, being devoted to the social public welfare undertakings and constantly creating spiritual wealth.

  In 2011, when Chinese football was in a slump and sponsors were staying away, Mr. Martin Lee, a die-hard fan of Chinese football, decided to extend an olive branch, entering the Chinese football industry where almost everyone kept a respectful distance.

  He led Ledman to work with China football to provide LED displays and business services for national football matches, aiming to enhance the environment and business value of the matches; set up and acquired professional football clubs, established cooperation in football with Portugal, sending outstanding young Chinese players to Portugal for training, and accompanied the progress of Chinese football. Ledman has been committed to football infrastructure, entering communities and campuses to support industrial and national football events. Ledman has established a semi-public international standard football field at its Huizhou Production Base, which is not only for its staff to hold matches, but also open for Huizhou and other places in Guangdong Province.


  "Football is the biggest sport in the world, and it is also a pain in our Chinese people’s hearts. For this, we Chinese all have a dream of Chinese football going to the world.”

  Mr. Martin Lee has been fond of playing football since he was a university student. After starting his own business, he has taken part of his investment and capital to satisfy his own mood while developing a high-tech enterprise, hoping to support the development of Chinese football. For the country, he has made due contributions to the cultivation of reserve forces for Chinese football; for Ledman, the corporate brand value has been enhanced and the football culture has been formed.


Chairman Martin Lee’s speech at the press conference of Ledman – CFA’s strategic partner

  In addition to his commitment to the development of Chinese football, Mr. Martin Lee is also grateful, showing love for education. He has set up “Martin Lee” scholarships and subsidies in his Alma Mater, which are used to reward and subsidize outstanding students. He has also set up the “Martin Lee Gardeners’ Award” and other awards to encourage excellent teachers to root in education career. Since 2012, more than 1,000 students have received the awards or subsidies, and nearly 500 teachers have won the “Martin Lee Gardeners’ Award”.

  Inside Ledman, Mr. Martin Lee has personally contributed to the establishment of “Martin Lee Support Fund” to help the employees suffering accidents, major diseases and other emergencies in work and life as well as economic difficulties.

  Mr. Martin Lee knows that as the chairman of a listed company he has great responsibilities and cannot afford to slack off. He always urges and demands himself with an entrepreneurial mindset, and gives back to the society and help others with his practical actions, demonstrating the manner of a scholar businessman with a great sense of social responsibility.   


Taking FOSZC as a medium, joining hands with Luzhou Laojiao to let the world taste China

  In late November 2019, Mr. Martin Lee led a delegation to Luzhou Laojiao. They visited the national key cultural relics protection unit National Cellar 1573 and Chunyang Cellar, which is one of the three large cellars in Luzhou, experienced liquor DIY under the guidance of a liquor taster, appreciated the more than 400 years’ history of national cellars, and tasted the thousands of years’ liquor culture of Luzhou, a city of liquor.

  "We tasted not only a glass of liquor, but also the rich traditional Chinese culture. Compared with Luzhou Laojiao, Ledman is a young high-tech enterprise. This time, we made full communication with Luzhou Laojiao in the hope of absorbing the essence of this enterprise with a heavy sense of history,” Mr. Martin Lee said.


  In 2018, Luzhou Laojiao established strategic partnership with the Federation of Shenzhen Commerce (FOSZC). As a director of FOSZC, Mr. Martin Lee made friends with Luzhou Laojiao from then on.

  With FOSZC as a medium, Ledman and Luzhou Laojiao have formed ties thanks to liquor. While getting along with Luzhou Laojiao, Mr. Martin Lee has deeply experienced the profound liquor culture and corporate culture of Luzhou Laojiao.


  “Boasting the National Cellar 1573 and a liquor-making history of more than 400 years, Luzhou Laojiao is an enterprise with cultural inheritance and historical significance. Luzhou Laojiao’s brand reputation and popularity are increasing day by day, and its brand activities are becoming more influential,” Mr. Martin Lee said.



  He once participated in the National Cellar 1573 · Seven-star Banquet in Shenzhen, and he was deeply shocked. He believes that Luzhou Laojiao, as a traditional enterprise with a long history, will constantly display new vigor and vitality. Luzhou Laojiao is a time-honored enterprise with a long history and profound cultural accumulation, while Ledman is a high-tech enterprise that has grown up rapidly in the past 40 years of reform and opening up. These two enterprises seem to tread different paths but actually get to the same destination. Along with the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength, world influence and discourse power, Luzhou Laojiao takes Chinese liquor and Chinese culture as the carrier to spread Chinese culture to the whole world and let the world taste China via culture. Ledman is committed to bringing China's LED products and high technology to the world, changing the world, and letting the world taste China via science and technology. Through communication and exchanges, Luzhou Laojiao and Ledman have enabled common progress of technology and culture. The world will see a more colorful China!  

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