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Work Together for a Win-win Future – Snapshots of Ledman New Year Party 2020

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  On the afternoon of January 14, 2020, the Ledman Commendation Meeting & New Year Party 2020 with the theme of “Work Together for a Win-win Future” was held in Sheraton Shenzhen Nanshan. All Lehman people gathered together to enjoy the party. At the beginning of the annual meeting, all Ledman people watched together the corporate image video and the Micro LED UHD product promotion video.

  These two videos all have 2K, 4K and 8K play versions, able to match the play demands of UHD display products of various specifications. The videos were shot in the headquarters of Ledman in Shenzhen and the R&D and production base of Ledman in Huizhou. Based on Ledman’s brand, products, R&D, production and services, the videos present a real Ledman from a modern perspective in an all-round way and declare Ledman’s unremitting pursuit of perfect quality.


Mr. Martin Lee, Chairman and President of Ledman

  Mr.Martin Lee summarized Ledman's achievements in 2019 with nine keywords: COB and Micro LED, 8K UHD, seven tracks, organizational reform, Ledman University, spaceflight, new undertaking, secondary public offering, 12358 and 5G intelligent conference system. He affirmed the achievements of Lehman in 2019 and put forward a vision for 2020, hoping that all Lehman people will work together to reach another peak.


Ms. Mary Wang, Vice-Chairman of Ledman


Mr. Jacky Lee, Executive Vice-President of Ledman

  Vice-chairman of Ledman Ms. Mary Wang and executive vice-president Mr. Jacky Lee delivered a speech respectively. 


  Along the way, Ledman's every bit of progress cannot do without the hard work of Ledman people. Today is the day of harvest, and our efforts are worthy of being remembered and praised. This annual meeting set up such awards as the “Outstanding Employee of the Year”, “Craftsman Award”, “Pioneer Bo Le Award”, “Annual President R&D Award” and “Annual Sales Award” to commend and reward nearly 50 outstanding Lehman employees.


Dance: May You Be Happy and Prosperous

  Youthful dance, romantic and touching verses, dynamic RAP, charming voice and the ode full of deep love for the motherland kicked off the happy interactive moment at the party.


Multilingual music poetry recitation: Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again 


Song with dance: Wild Wolf Disco


Song: Ode to Pear Flowers


Poetry recitation: My Motherland


Chorus: My Motherland and I

  The Ledman Commendation Meeting & New Year Party 2020 came to a successful conclusion in joy.

This year

We have been working hard hand in hand

This year

Ledman has made great progress

And grown stronger

This year

Ledman has been bearing its dream in mind

With seven tracks

Advancing together

Let’s greet 2020 with confidence and smiles

Facing unknown opportunities and challenges


Work together for a win-win future

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