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German Clients Highly Praise the Quality of Ledman’s COB UHD Display

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  Frankfurt, the industrial and commercial center of Germany and even Europe, is home to the headquarters of dozens of world-renowned enterprises and institutions including Siemens, Bayer and European Central Bank.
  At the beginning of 2020, with COB UHD display products as the “key”, Ledman presented the new business card of “intelligent manufacturing in China” to the well-known German enterprises in Frankfurt. Finally, relying on the aerospace-grade professional quality, Ledman won over the prudent and rigorous German clients and opened the door of cooperation between Chinese and German enterprises.


Ledman’s P1.2COB UHD display for famous German enterprises in Frankfurt

  The COB UHD display and the matching display solution developed by Ledman for the central conference rooms of German well-known companies apply to business office, video conferences, external publicity material playing and other composite usage scenarios. Since lit up, the display has been running stably with an amazing effect, thus receiving the clients’ affirmation and recognition.
  Q: What is it about Ledman’s COB that makes quality-hungry German clients are full of praise for it?

Seamless splicing



Seamless screen reduces linear interference to graphic display

  Ledman’s COB UHD display, adopting Ledman’s independent patent - COB integrated packaging technology, is made of UHD display modules with seamless splicing, supporting customized sizes, scales and specifications. It has completely solved the visual defects and the inconsistency between luminance and chromatic attenuation due to the division of a big screen and put an end to the embarrassment that portrait display is split and errors of data chart results are caused by interference from splicing.

Perfect display effect


Ledman’s COB restores the beauty of colors

  Ledman’s COB UHD display has such advantages as high contrast, high refresh rate, wide color gamut and wide viewing angle, featuring fine picture quality and rich colors. The display is not affected by ambient light. It can be clearly seen even in dim meeting conditions, while a special lens is designed to make having a long-time meeting or watching videos more comfortable. 

Super-strong protective performance  

  The display is crash-proof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, mildew-proof, anti-static, and front water-proof. Such an ultra-high protective performance enables Ledman’s COB UHD display to have an excellent environmental adaptability. Whether from southern China to northern China or from the hot and humid summer in Southeast Asia to the cold and dry winter in Germany, Ledman’s UHD display products have been running smoothly.

Convenient installation and maintenance

  Ledman’s COB UHD display can be easily installed and disassembled, so clients’ installation labor cost can be reduced and the products can be put into use more quickly. The display was installed by the German clients according to the design drawings without the help of professional technicians, which just took less than a day. After the installation was completed, the German clients immediately affirmed the simplicity of the installation of Ledman’s COB display and highly praised the structural installation design schemes of Ledman.

Ingenuity enables the brand

  Ledman is a leading LED high-tech product and solution provider and the first listed LED display high-tech company in China, with 15 years of experience in LED package R&D, 14 years of experience in high-end display manufacturing, 5 years of accumulation in COB technology R&D, and 350 million yuan of advanced production equipment. Focusing on the 8K UHD industry, Ledman has created a large number of classic cases with excellent quality and harvested praise from clients of various industries worldwide. After the successful conclusion of this cooperation, the clients have expressed the intention of further cooperation and made an appointment with Ledman to discuss the follow-up cooperation at the ISE in the Netherlands next month.

  As a world's leading UHD display expert, Ledman focuses on UHD display. Its COB UHD display has become global clients’ first choice for professional and commercial display of 100 inches or more because of its unique characteristics.

  At the end of last year, Ledman released the LEDHUB intelligent conference system, thus officially entering the intelligent conference and intelligent business market. In February 2020, Ledman will present its UHD display products at the ISE in the Netherlands. Please stay tuned.

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